Publication Fee

  1. After accepting the manuscript you will be informed through email and you have to pay the publication fee. The fees are listed following.
Publication Type Fee
Manuscript 50 USD
Manuscript writing from Thesis

(This fee is payable by 50% installment)

Please Contact Us
Manuscript writing and Publishing

(This fee is payable by 50% installment)

Please Contact Us

  1. Please send a screenshot of your payment (confirmation mail or as a proof of payment).

Payment Options

Upon accepting your article for publishing, we will send you detailed information for payment.

FAQ about Publication Fee

Q. What is a publication fee?

MSR articles are Open Access, which means, upon publication, articles are immediately and freely available online to read, distribute and reuse. To offset costs associated with peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving, MSR charges a minimum publication fee. Publication fee is payable for articles upon acceptance. Publication fees are subject to change.  It is charged at the applicable rates effective on your submission date.

Q. How can I make my payment?

Upon acceptance MSR will contact you about payment.

Q. When is payment due?

Payment is due when MSR accepts the article for publication.

Q. Who is responsible for making payment?

The person who submits the manuscript is responsible for the publication fee payment.