December 2018

1. Li-Fi: Ultra-Fast light based Wireless Data Transmission

Author: Lins Paul Kuriakose,  A. Madheeha,  Amal Francis, Basil Joseph Baby, Mowshmi Subramannyan

2. Comparative Study on Performances of Clay-Bentonite and Bentonite-Quarry Dust Mixture as Landfill Liner

Author: Aarti H. Dharmani, Tushar D. D. Prabhu

3. Adsorption Studies of Acetic Acid Removal from Waste Water Using Seeds of Brassica Nigra

Author: Eko Sulistya, Arief Hermanto

4. Determination of Proton Energy and Dosage to Obtain SOBP Curve in the Proton Beam Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Author: Syeda Sameena Aziz, Sadiya Mushtaq, Noorunnisa Begum

5. Green Synthesized Iron Nanoparticles of Eucalyptus Globules as Catalyst in UV Degradation of Rhodamine B

Author: Lenko Erbakanov, Liliya Staneva, Ivelina Vardeva

6. A Brief Review on Cryptocurrency Systems in Perspective to Bangladesh

Author: Md. Istiaq Habib Khan, Ahsan Kabir